Postal History

1889 Cover franked with 25st. Big Lion, mailed from Varna to Berlin - receiving postmark on back; order code PH1

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1891 Cover franked with 15st. Little Lion, mailed from Vratza to Sofia - receiving postmark on back; order code PH2

1896 Prince Boris' Baptism Postal Card mailed from Philipopple to Vienna; order code PH3

1899 Cover franked with a 25st. Little Lion pair, mailed from Plovdiv to New York - receiving postmark on back - sold

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1902 Church Newspaper franked with 1st. Tsar Ferdinand definitive, mailed from Samokov to Sofia, PH4

1908 Telegramme; order code PH5

1909 Cover franked with 10/50st. Little Lion, mailed from Varna to Russe - sold

1913 Balkan War Postal Card, mailed from the field to Russe; - order code PH6

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1918 Military Postal Card, WW I occupation of Romania, mailed from Bucarest to Sofia - sold

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1926 Registered cover to France; order code PH7

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1938 Sunday mail, 1 Lv."Sanatorium fund" stamp attached, Tsar Boris III Souvenir Sheet, rather philatelic; order code PH8

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1940 Returning of South Dobrudja, cover from Baltchik to Varna PH9

1942 Scouts cover, mailed from Sofia to Lozitsa village; order code PH10

1953, 30 years since the September Revolt Postal Stationery cover; order code PH11